Grouse are an excellent source of protein and provide a range of nutrients. The meat is also delicious and has a variety of flavors.

Male Ruffed Grouse establish territories of 6-10 acres and defend them aggressively throughout their lives. They display their territory rights by drumming on logs or stones.

Overview of Grouse as a Food Source

Grouse meat is a lean white-meat option that can be prepared in similar fashion to chicken. It has a delicate flavour and can be used in recipes where a mild gamey flavour is desired.

The meat of young grouse is tender with a gamey taste. It can be mixed with other fowl to make it more mild in flavour and can act as an accent to dishes such as pate, a pie or a stew.

Ruffed grouse are omnivorous and feed on a variety of vegetation. In summer they consume insects, soft fruits and berries

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